Fossil Bank - The facts

Credit Suisse claims to align itself with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. On the contrary, as a financier of the fossil fuel industry, it is one of the banks that is fuelling the climate catastrophe the most.

Compare their statements with the reality of their climate investments. All the information available on this site is factual and sourced!

RogerWakeUp - The campaign

Credit Suisse benefits from the image of Roger Federer, Swiss national champion.

Convinced that he would not endorse the bank’s investments, we asked him to become a climate champion. Encouraging, he says he is aware of the challenge and thanks us for taking action, but the main thing remains to be done.

Censorship - The trials

Without any response or action from Credit Suisse, despite several years of attempted dialogue, more than a hundred whistleblowers have taken part in questioning actions.

The bank filed a complaint against several dozen of them. They have been facing prosecution for more than a year!

Still no answer from Credit Suisse...

In an interview with RTS on January 20, 2020, the former CEO of Credit Suisse declared himself open to dialogue with climate activists.

A group of collectives responded to this invitation with a Press Release on January 24, 2020, calling for a transparent and televised debate.

Since then, the bank has not reacted.

Already days, hours and minutes without response.