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In contrast to other major European financial players, Credit Suisse is failing to review its practices with a view to no longer contributing to the climate crisis. Its failure is endangering our future and threatening millions of people today.

Rather than engage in a constructive dialogue with all those who denounce these objective and validated facts, the bank prefers to use its strength to censor these statements. We received an e-mail on 20 April this year urging us to “delete the content and deactivate the zone of this domain name: This is a URL defaming the brand and name of our client (Credit Suisse Group AG)”.

If the site’s comments could be considered somewhat defamatory, their lawyers would have called us to order a long time ago. We consider this e-mail to be an attempt to intimidate, contrary to the principles of dialogue and democracy that we promote.

The domain name can only belong to a physical person, who is held responsible for the content. Even if Credit Suisse cannot a priori rely on any legal basis, it seems delicate for a individual to oppose a multinational company and its army of lawyers.

But we know that together we are strong. So this weekend we asked personnalities, friends and acquaintances if they wanted to become co-owners of the site. Each one buying a domain name ( pointing to the pages of this site.

The answer was extraordinary. You will find below the list of the co-owners of this site.

You can also register here to show your determination to become a co-owner of our site, should Credit Suisse continue this unworthy pressure.

Thank you all.

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According to the bank’s public climate statement, “Credit Suisse recognizes its share of responsibilities in combating climate change by supporting the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. So far, these are just empty words.
The facts collected on illustrate the extent to which the bank’s business continues to support the fossil fuel sectors. Instead of taking responsibility for the climate, the bank and its management continue to take action against climate activists.

We at BankTrack wholeheartedly support your brave and inspiring work in switzerland, including the set up of the brilliant website. You play an important part in holding the bank to account for its financing and its further deeds and this watchdog role should not be blocked or threatened by Credit Suisse or its lawyers.

Best wishes,

Johan Frijns, director BankTrack

“Only the truth hurts” – French proverb!

Credit Suisse threatens activists who make facts about their investment in fossil fuels available with a lawsuit for defamation.

This means that the major bank is not only continuing to oppose a climate-friendly future, but is also continuing its strategy against climate activists: threats and persecution instead of public dialogue and genuine change.

System change also in the Swiss financial centre!

Credit Suisse is acting selfishly and continues to blithely finance fossil fuels, even though everything possible must be done to put an end to this industry of the past. It is necessary to make a massive commitment against these climate-control practices !

Thank you for this superb and necessary action.

Cloé Dutoit, President of En Vert Et Contre Tout

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At a time of multiple crises, it is essential that Civil Society be able to speak out in a well-founded and critical manner with regard to the investment choices of major players such as Credit Suisse.

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A crisis does not take a break when another one occurs. Behind Covid-19 lie other dramas linked to global warming and the loss of biodiversity (as invisible and unimaginable to many as the coronavirus was just a few weeks ago!). The risks are less immediate, but much more serious!

The current pandemic must be an opportunity for us to change our paradigm, to start afresh with different principles, based on solidarity and decentralisation, with respect for the planet as our target rather than the quest for profit at any price. This is a matter of urgency.

Through its colossal investments, the Swiss financial centre plays a considerable role. It is responsible for the emission of an enormous amount of CO2. It must therefore develop a strategy today that complies with the Paris Climate Agreement. Sustainability and the protection of the planet must be put at the heart of all portfolios.

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If Credit Suisse wants to shut down a website, there will be other websites.

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It is important that critical voices fighting against climate change and against fossil investments can continue to do so without intimidation.

It is unbearable and iniquitous in a civilized country, where freedom of information is guaranteed, to intimidate a person on the pretext that he or she disseminates, in this case via a website, well-founded information.

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Climate protection is the greatest challenge of our time, and it is not acceptable for a big bank to put pressure on citizens’ movements to silence them.

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Our in-bank tennis players make history, the right history

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with interest I asked myself questions the other day about :
“Investing in fossil fuels”, “Risk management”, “Credit Suisse”, “Spying on employees’ e-mails”, “Intimidation”, “Censorship”, “Financing the future”, “What are you doing with all this money?”, “Where do you tax us economists and financial captains?”, “Roger Federer National no 1”, “Children in court for 3 days because of tennis match in a bank”.

and just, “What the fuck? »

and in the answers I read a lot in french…I think it is time to bring these questions to the german part of Switzerland…

et voila, c’est fait!

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Initiatives requiring the disinvestment of large Swiss institutions from fossil fuels are essential. Switzerland is a bad pupil even though it claims to be at the top of the class. The fact that Credit Suisse wants to silence a site that demonstrates its very strong involvement in these harmful investments and demonstrates the “green-washing” that it practises, not only sabotages the commitments made at COP 21 but also represents a scandalous and unacceptable attack on freedom of expression that must be defended at all costs, which is why I unconditionally support maintaining the content of the site.

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Let’s stop hiding behind our little finger: there is a climate emergency! The financial sector must do its part to support a carbon-free economy, the big Swiss banks must set an example and finally take responsibility.
(Personal commitment and standpoint, they do not commit the UNIL).

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We must denounce, again and again, by all possible means, the actions of the major providers of funds that finance with impunity the exploitation of fossil fuels . This is the only conceivable way of curbing the deterioration of the climate.

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“All terrifying things are perhaps just helpless things waiting for us to rescue them”, writes Rainer Maria Rilke in the eighth of his Letters to a young poet.

And any bank would be terrifying if it were to get drunk on the power that is born of its custodian clients, and confuse the principles of discretion favourable to the latter with the principles of opacity required by its own delirium.

I therefore warn, and I support those who warn.

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I am joining this action because it is unbearable that a bank that invests in fossil fuels, that preteritates our future, should try to silence critics. This unacceptable censorship must stop and I support freedom of criticism of ecocidal companies.

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We listen to the scientists for the virus, we don’t listen to them for the climate. Credit Suisse should buy a hearing aid to hear them. And leave a little greed in the locker room.

Despite all my love for RF, I’m very happy to contribute to spreading discredit (the truth) about the CS’s polluting actions.

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The “Grandparents for Climate”, a movement of more than a thousand committed people in Switzerland, of which I have the honour of being a facilitator, is extremely concerned about climate change and its consequences for future generations. We consider that the financial centres have been gravely irresponsible with regard to ecological and climate issues in recent decades. Some scientists and observers point out that current neo-liberal orientations, such as the excesses of globalisation, have played a role in the coronavirus pandemic that affects us today.

We are very much afraid that, far from admitting the extent to which our society has gone wrong, financial institutions will finance a return to quantitative growth, “business as usual”. The challenge is to move towards a qualitative economy, sensitive to human aspects and sustainability, respectful of the planet’s limited natural resources.

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First of all, the financial centres and banks seem to have learned little or nothing from the 2008 crisis.

Today they are major players in the problems related to climate change. And there is every reason to fear that, now that most of the corona pandemic has passed, these financial centres and banks will be pushing for a “return to the abnormal”, i.e. a resumption of business according to the neo-liberal model that is killing the biosphere – attacks on the biosphere that not everyone feels on a daily basis but which will be catastrophic for those who follow us.

 Financial institutions cannot pretend to ignore these grave challenges. Important as they are – in fact, because of this, they must listen to those who want a liveable planet for tomorrow and act accordingly – in particular by divesting from of fossil fuels.

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Awareness has been achieved to a very large extent, but has few consequences. How to break this immobile consensus accompanied by polite divergences. In some cases, the measures to be taken are even already contained in federal and cantonal constitutional and legal texts. But without implementation.

The simplest solution remains: to wait for disasters. With consequences that one can only imagine. But how many will it take? It is not clear, for example, whether the passage of the coronavirus will trigger a real impetus towards a global rescue of humanity. I very much doubt it. For now, the race to the precipice continues at an ever faster pace. Thus, while waiting for the next disasters but hoping to avoid too many, very concrete actions to break this paradigm of morbid normality are indispensable.

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It is important that critical voices fighting against climate change and fossil investments can continue to do so without intimidation.

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Freedom of access to information is an indispensable element of democracy.

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I believe that banks such as Credit Suisse are responsible for the destruction of the environment and the climate crisis through their investments in non-renewable energy sources.

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In the current crisis, I find it essential to be able to continue to provide detailed information on the actions of banking institutions. Credit Suisse’s responsibility with respect to action against global warming must be commensurate with its investments in industries, whether they pollute or not.

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The site “” that I discovered contains alarming factual and source information.

It directly targets those responsible for the current disaster and denounces their involvement in an irrefutable manner.

The urgency of the awareness and action it proposes is striking.

The closure of this site is inadmissible.

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Why doesn’t Credit Suisse choose to answer simple and factual questions simply and factually? This kind of attitude amazes and shocks me.

I am therefore the proud owner of the domain name 

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I support this action as long as Credit Suisse continues to finance climate destruction and human rights violations with a short-term, profit-oriented approach.

The time has come for citizens to stand up and no longer accept destructive banking activities in the name of the general interest.

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I support the continued accessibility of the website, which contains essential and indispensable information to continue the fight against financing contrary to the Paris Agreement by Credit Suisse.

Governments have proven to us that they can take care of us in recent weeks in the face of the Covid pandemic19. So let us maintain certain measures to combat the climate crisis. Let’s fight against the massive financing of the development of fossil fuels! Let’s protect our planet!

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I’m outraged by these big companies that use their considerable financial means to try to intimidate citizens and control information.

If I can help fight this, it’s an honor! 

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I think it is important that the Swiss population knows that their money and reputation is at risk, from the behaviour of some Swiss Banks.